Robb and Maureen Strobridge

The Stromads Full-time RVers since 2017 and award winning mobile entrepreneurs for 20 years.

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Meet The Stromads, Robb Strobridge, and Maureen Wright!

Imagine leaving corporate America behind for the life of a nomadic entrepreneur. Twenty years ago, Robb and Maureen chose this lifestyle even though it seemed reckless and insane to some. 

They saw the promise and freedom of creating their own business as the fuel to fulfill their wanderlust and desire for adventure and romance.

The Stromads have logged over a million road miles in 49 states, Canada, and Mexico entertaining thousands with their mobile business, Fast Action Motorsports Entertainment. Although traveling over 200 days a year, they maintained a somewhat conventional life and home in the suburbs.

That changed in 2016 when Robb and Maureen sold their house, packed their truck, and headed out to live their dream.

Hotel living and dining out was fun but exhausting as well as expensive. They knew transitioning to full-time RV Living would sustain their dream of nomadic living and working on the road.

In 2017, they purchased their first RV, a 52-foot race car hauler with living quarters. They lived in only 22 feet of this impressive-looking rig, the rest was for the business, and it was booming. 

The Stromads lived primarily on the event grounds while working.  The length of the rig made traveling and exploring tricky. The “Big Gurl” served its purpose for the business, but Robb and Maureen had their eyes set on their dream unit, a Renegade Super C!

The stars aligned. In 2018, The Stromads purchased a new Renegade Verona LE which they love. The rest is history.

In addition to being featured in magazines and podcasts, they share information, resources and tips about Travel Destinations, RV & Nomad Life and Unique Experiences on their website, The Stromads and in their weekly newsletter.

On their YouTube Channel, you will learn more about Full-Timing and tasting Tequila.

The Stromads are fun-loving and always have a hilarious tale to tell! They love to share and help folks in their Travel and RV journey. Be sure to follow them as they travel, exploring Life, Love, and All Things Good. Say hi when you see them out and about.

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