Dawn Campbell

The Dawn Chronicles Building Community. Traveling Solo. Dog Mom. GenX TikToker

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Dawn has been on the road full time in her Class C Motorhome with her dog, Potato, for 3 years now. She’s experienced just about every part of life on the road like finding the coolest hidden gems in each state, connecting with new family members, hiking some of the most unique landscapes in the US, traveling to Mexico, dating as a nomad, and creating lifelong friendships with fellow RVers.

She’s also amazing at overcoming challenges that come along with this lifestyle like unexpected breakdowns, the loss of a pet, dealing with inclement weather, and finding different income opportunities while traveling. She didn’t start off her journey with any vehicle or RV knowledge but has learned while traveling and lots of YouTube videos. Dawn has created quite a community of friends on TikTok and she loves sharing her journey and what she has learned. 


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