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I used to sit in my work cubicle and just dream of my next vacation and what new places to visit. After several years with my company, I was able to become a full-time remote worker. This provided the opportunity to traditionally move around the country and I went from Central New York, to Charlotte NC, and then to Austin TX. Somewhere I stumbled across travel podcasts, #vanlife, and online blogs of full-time RVers. After binge listening to The RV Entrepreneur Podcast, I decided I had to give this nomadic lifestyle a try.

2017 was a year of downsizing and trial & error to make my dream of full-time travel a reality. I sold all of my furniture and more than half of my belongings. In pursuing the #vanlife, I purchased a 2001 Class B RV. Unfortunately, after many unforeseen maintenance issues, I decided to sell the RV less than a month after buying it.

Determined to still hit the road full-time, I packed up the 4Runner, donated what couldn’t fit, and began staying in AirBnBs throughout the country. For eight months, I enjoyed exploring a new AirBnB every week, staying in some wonderful homes, and hearing amazing stories from extremely welcoming hosts. This was an incredible way to travel the country and meet locals along the way.

After eight months of not having my own bed or kitchen, I decided it was time to move on to the next adventure! With the purchase of a 16′ Airstream Basecamp Jasper (my pup), Napoleon (my cat) & I lived in the Basecamp for almost four years. It took us to many beautiful places and protected us through all sorts of weather. 

Then I decided to make the switch to a truck camper and spent 9 months renovating my dream rig. From electrical, plumbing, propane and interior remodeling I learned a lot along the way. Two trips in, I learned my dream rig was just too small.

Now the three of us are onto our second truck camper and we're ready to see where life's adventures take us next!

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