Camille Attell

Founder, Remote Work School Camille traded her "safe" corporate training career for the open road in 2016. After a 20+ year career, she and her husband Bryce took the leap of faith to travel in an RV full-time. After four years, 44 states, and 44,000 miles they learned that reinvention in a remote world is a wild ride!

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I help pre- and semi-retirees and people leaving the traditional workforce, reinvent themselves with remote work and business so they can earn income to enjoy a flexible lifestyle.

I founded Remote Work School™️ in 2017, which has helped hundreds of people land remote work or start a remote freelance career to create both security and flexibility.

After 20+ years as a corporate trainer, a master’s degree in counseling, and working over twelve remote jobs, I know that these three key elements are critical for your future success:

  • Identity
  • Income
  • Independence

Without these elements working in harmony, you will likely feel lost or even be underpaid.

My system will help you avoid the most critical pitfalls, and guide you on your journey to be able to earn income forever and live life on your terms.

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How To Use A.I. (artificial intelligence) to Start an Online Coaching and Course Business

May 09, 2023, 10:00 PM
Camille Attell

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